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Why choose Caregiver as a profession?

So, you are here because you know that being a caregiver is the most demanding job in Canada right now but you are not sure if this is something that you want to do. You want to make a living but at the same time, you are not sure if this is your piece of cake! Let me ask you this, are you looking for a profession that is rewarding? Do you see yourself being around children and/ or the elderly? If you have answered yes, then this is for you.

Caregiving is a challenging profession like others, but they are different. You will not have an office, may not have colleagues, and will not have any deadlines. You will be working at the comfort of being home, you will be a part of a family, you will be appreciated in everything you do.

Do you still have doubts? I understand. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Caregiver as a profession.

  • Be a friend: To be a caregiver is not just to take care of the individual but also to be a good friend. I would say, a good caregiver is a good friend to the individual. Your relationship will bond eventually, and you will develop a good understanding of each other. You will be removing loneliness from people’s life.

  • Hear stories: Be it a child or an elderly, you will hear endless stories that they want to tell you and they might learn a couple of things from you too.

  • Explore recipes: Do you like to cook? Most times, caregivers will have to cook for your clients. This is a wonderful place to explore various recipes and learn a lot of cuisines.

  • Work from home: You will be either hired as a live-in or live-out caregiver. Both ways, you get the comfort of working from home. It will be more like you taking care of an elderly or a child within your family.

  • No deadlines: You will not have to face crappy customers; you will have no deadline from your boss! This is not an office and hence you will not have to face any drama that goes around at a workplace.

  • Be a part of that family: No matter what activities the family does they are going to include you. Sometimes you might have to be on duty or sometimes it's just another party you must attend. They will consider you in all their planning and you will be like a member of their family.

  • You will be helping someone to improve their state of living: I do not think this needs any explanation!

Imagine how much you will make an impact on someone’s life and their family. You will be making a difference in someone’s physical and psychological state of life.

If you were imagining yourself in each situation while reading this post, this job is for you!

- Sneha Celine

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