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Pregnant Dad's Manual

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Every pregnant mom has tons and tons of information available on the internet, hundreds to thousands of books to read and loads of articles that speak of pregnancy that new moms educated themselves from. At the same time dads to be have no clue about what their role should be. Millions of questions cross over their mind that they have no ideas or answers to. Most first time dads want to be with their family to take care of them but most often are lost as they have no idea about what they have to do. Not all dad's have the patients to go through manuals or read books to learn, they want the fastest approach to their answers and with this modern age there is a lot of information that is readily available on their internet, videos that solve most of their problems. Still, there are questions to which answers cannot be found or are not satisfying.


Are baby's expensive?

Ans: Baby's are really expensive, if you don't have a plan.

Well, it cost is a prime factor for most new parents and often the bills are the toughest to deal with especially for dads. You would not want to compromise on the quality of the products at the same time would not want to test any new products on the baby fearing side effects. You will feel that its never enough money for the little one.

The best way to tackle this issue would be having a plan. Priority goes to the "need" list and then comes to the "want" list and last will be "nice to have" list.

I get impatient with the baby!

Ans: it is normal to an extent.

Parents - especially new parents are not used to hearing constant cry. More over, taking care of a baby is like your working full time and always under pressure. It is normal to having anger and frustration but only to some extent. Mothers undergo hormonal imbalance when they have their new baby and this can affect the father's too.

I feel alone and left out, clueless and confused! what do I do?

Ans: Talk to someone who is been through what you are going through.

Talk to other dad's, probably your father, brother, friend, extended family or join a group. These days social media has widened that there is a group, page or blog for everything (Just like this one). You will be able to locate and connect with experienced dads and perhaps might find a new friend. Beware that influences can be both positive and negative and only you could be the judge of that and also remember not everything you hear would be comforting but you will definitely find a way through this.

How do I bond with my baby?

Ans: Time will let it happen

Babies are used to the touch, feel, voice and care of their mothers as they know their mothers before birth. It is often the father who has to take the initiative introduce himself to the baby. Babies can recognize voices, sounds or music that they have heard when they are in the mother's womb. This might be your first step. Talk to the baby when they are in the womb and after birth continue to make sure you allocate time for the baby so that you will be able to bond better with the child.

How can I give my 100% to the baby and still have time for myself?

Ans: Follow the baby's routine.

The reason parents (especially dad's) feel they are not able to give their 100% because they end up getting tired, stressful and depressed which leads to insomnia is because their routine changes. After your baby, your routine changes no matter what! so the best thing to do is to change your routine to that of the baby and eventually you will get back to your normal in few months. New born often sleep for at least 14 - 19 hours per day with a interval every 2 to 3 hours. As an adult you don't need that long to sleep. So sleep with the baby and after your adequate rest, the time that remains is all yours.

Having a baby can also have many more challenges to face.

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