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5 Things family will expect from their Nanny

❑ When Parents hire a nanny, they want more than a babysitter; they want someone to help them to raise their children. This includes potty-training, reading with the children, teaching good manners, helping them with homework, in general, being on the ball.

❑ Parents expect the nanny to be a good role model. The way she speaks acts and dresses make a big impression on the children in her care. Most parents don't want a nanny who swears or is rude and abusive. Of course, smoking, drinking, and taking drugs while on the job would be unacceptable. Also, parking the kids in front of the TV for hours or having long personal phone conversations would not be considered appropriate nanny behavior.

❑ Nannies make a habit of communicating with the parents. They may do this by speaking together for a few minutes at the end of every day, or by writing notes in a journal, or log.

❑ A nanny's workday is between eight and ten hours. This gives parents time to travel to and from work. As well, many parents ask their new nanny to work for them for at least one year. It takes a little while for children to get accustomed to a new caregiver and it can be upsetting to have people coming and going from their lives too often.

❑ If the new nanny does not have First Aid, HMIS, and CPR training, the parents will probably ask him or her to get it. There may be other training courses that the parents will ask their nanny to take while on the job. Or the nanny may do on-the-job train in a more informal way - by reading books, magazines, and brochures.

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