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10 Reasons "Why you need to Speak Medical Terminology"

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Medical terminology is the language of healthcare or related professionals. The success of the medical industry doesn't just rely on Quality of treatment, advanced equipment and tech, fast and safe service but it also depends on the communication between professionals and their aides.



Even the slightest mistake with the terms can change the fate your patient

Eg: Ileum - Part of the small intestine

Ilium - Part of the hip bone

Can you imagine????


Better communication

"Relationships get better when you communicate better."

Knowing Terminologies will help you communicate better with your colleagues, professionals and the others in your team



Medical terms sometimes can be scary, but when you know the meaning of it, it might not sound that bad!

What if someones tell you,

"You have Pyrexia and Viral Rhinitis"

I would be scared! but it just means you have a fever (which you already might know) and a common cold.


Electronic Health Record

This will help you create, understand, interpret and maintain health records much faster and easier. This in turn will help you interact with the technologies used in health care


Clinical Proceedings

Knowing terminologies aids with ease in performing clinical proceedings


Uniform Language

Medical terminology is universally the same and thus helps to maintain a uniform language between professionals.


Clinical Care

When communication is better, care gets better, and when care gets better, your organisation blooms as well.



Be it clinical, technical, administrative or any management, the medical industry has a lot of jobs opportunities. What makes you stand out is your proficiency in the medical terms


Trust - a strong word

Trust is an important to factor when it comes to patient-professional relationship and not just between the professionals and the patients and vice versa but it is equally important to have trust between professionals and knowing the medical language are one way you can build that relationship


Good to know

Medicine is just not for professionals, everyone visits the health care centre at some point in life. Some people may be in relation with people who need medical attention most of the time and maybe there is a "need" for them to understand the terms so that they could interpret better. Thus it is "Good to Know"


Want to take up medical terminology?

Here is a chance - Universal Care Academy has a course that will perfectly teach you what you need to know. Additionally, you will learn about the medical basics in-depth. All this at a comparatively low cost with a recognised certificate.

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