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Medical Transcription Certificate


This program is all about the concept, use and application of medical reports.

Either you wish to work in a medical office or decide to upgrade your skill in the field, the Medical Transcriptionist Certificate serve your needs.


Program Length: 3 month

Program Type: Regular - Part-Time

Language: English

Job opportunity

Your Transcription Certificate allows you to serve different fields in the industry:

physicians, medical specialist, chiropractors and complementary health providers, medical libraries, private transcription companies and dentists.

Course outline

  1. Introduction to Medical Transcription

  2. Language Skills & Foundation for Transcription

  3. Introduction to Medical Terminology

  4. Introduction to Medical Report

  5. Medical Reports

    • Consultations​

  6. Medical Reports

    • Chart Notes​

  7. Medical Reports

    • history & Physical Examination​

  8. Medical Reports

    • Operative Reports​

  9. Medical Reports

    • Discharge Summary​

  10. Transcription Practice

ADmission requirements

19 + years of age

Grade 12 or equivalent 

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