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Medical Terminology Certificate
Self-paced Online Certificate OR Instructor-led Online Classes


Medicine by itself is a challenge and knowing the terminologies is most essential if you wish to join the healthcare team. Communication between healthcare professionals is the priority in any health industry. In order to have a successful career in healthcare, one must be able to communicate and understand the medical terms, abbreviations and context, meaning, and basic medicine. This course will help you learn and understand the medical language that is used by health care professionals around the globe.


Online - Instructor Led

Program Length: 10 days

Program Type: Regular - Part-Time

Total duration weeks: 2 weeks

Total Hours: 20 hours

Language: English


Video Based Course

Program Access: 3 months

Program Type: Self-paced

Total Hours: 25 hours approx

Language: English

Job opportunity

Medical Assitant

Medical Office Assistant

Medical Receptionist

Medical Coder

Clinical Team Leader

Medical Biller/OHIP billing

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Record Clerk

Medical Secretaries

Practice manager

Course outline

Word Element
Medical Basics
Cell structure
Integumentary system
Skeletal system
Muscular system
Nervous system
Special Senses
Cardiovascular system
Respiratory system
Digestive system
Urinary system
Reproductive system
Endocrine system

ADmission requirements

19 + years of age

Grade 12 or equivalent 

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