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Love medicine as a profession but can't be a doctor?

People choose medicine for various reasons some go in for the money, some go in for the name, some think the life of a doctor is cool like the ones they show in TV dramas (Not true) and some go in for the interest.

There are so many people in this world who are interested in medicine but only some pursue their professional degree and continue the journey to be a doctor. Some end up taking an alternative degree in health care so that they could stick to the field they like though they can achieve that qualification. But most people give up and switch their career paths.


The first thing that would come to your mind is that they might not have cleared the entrance examination. Well, that is partially false. Even if there is an individual who might clear their examination they might not choose that path as it is expensive. No matter which country you go to, medical school is an expensive choice.

The other reason why they would not choose this path is because of the work environment they will be in. Doctors do not get to enjoy family life as well as how others do, they are dedicated to their work as they have to be. The other thing is about the patient-doctor relationship. There are people who cannot deal with patients directly.

Being a doctor might look classy but the "behind the scenes" is hell but it is totally worth it. Everything that is on your way when you try to pursue medicine is merely an obstacle. Whether you should still go for it or deflect from it, is one's personal choice.


Of course not! Medicine is a huge field and it is not the doctors alone who run the show. Every individual who works in a health care organization has to work hand in hand to have a successful organization and thus the medical industry paves the way to a lot of opportunities.

Nurse, paramedic, medical office assistant, receptionist, administrator, and a lot more positions. The ground requirement for any field in health care will be knowing the basics of medicine like terminology. There are other positions that might want to have knowledge about anatomy and physiology.

If you are in for the money or prestige then this is not the field you should be in but if you wish to stay in healthcare out of interest then you have hundreds of opportunities you can give a shot.

All the best!

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