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Housekeeper's tips and tricks

As a housekeeper, when it comes to being tipped, you have to walk a fine line. Compared to most professions, when the prospects of being tipped are still substantially smaller, whether a guest notices anything out of place or not to their satisfaction, odds are you will not get a tip.

Leaving beds improperly tucked, toilets not being adequately washed, leaving the doors open after housekeeping has been done, and people not getting you on their radar are the key factors that drive this.

These are the tips to help you get higher tips and become a professional in you fields.

  1. Be professional and friendly

Remember to greet the guess whenever you can. A great smile and a good manner toward the guess will help you have a great impression.

2. Clean everything

Not just only cleaning the bed, but make sure to clean all the area inside the room. Vacuum the furniture, Clear the window and also clean the door handle or even clean the bathroom's mirror.

3. Use the right tool

There are many different tool to clean all different area. Using microfiber cloth is the key. It won’t scratch or leave streaks behind.

4. Open the window

Enable the space to breathe and channel a natural scent for good ventilation . The natural light that comes from windows will also make it easier for you to see very dirty places.

5. Clear out the clutter

Your work gets faster and more productive by getting a blank slate to work on.

Have a list to do that involves the disposal of empty garbage, blankets, linens, bathmats, shampoo bottles, and other items. This would help remove the temptation of items to wipe around.

6. Clean the bed area

This will allow bacteria to be minimally moved from the bathroom to the bedroom and increase the room's overall cleanliness and sanitation.

There are still many tips in order to improve your job and get higher pay, though the best tips will be "do it with your heart", as long as you love the job and willing to clean every single room like clean your house, you will get pay off.

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