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Top recommended certificate to get high paying jobs

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

If you are students who concern about your future career or if you are grad student who would love to seek for better career opportunity.

This is our top recommended certificate that you should take to have a good job in future!

These courses are short term course with handy knowledge that you can find it is easily to apply for the job in the market.

A number of different degree program will lead to growing the chances of obtaining a high-paying career. Many of these services are expensive, though, and can take years to finish. An option to a degree program is a credential program. Certificate program are short-term program of instruction that also require less time than a degree to complete.


Python is the most popular and widely used programming language in today's tech world, reporting high demand and high pay job. Having this certificate will allow you to have a career as a web developers According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developers earn a median wage of $73,760 per year which will see a much faster-than-average work increase of 8 percent between 2019 which 2029.

3. PMP

PMP ( Project management) certificate will allow you to become a project manager. Data suggests that businesses will need to fill approximately 2.2 million additional project-oriented jobs each year through 2027. This means there would be a strong demand for experienced project managers. Project manager can earn around $113,000 per year

Creative Cloud tools cover all design, video, and web applications. Everything moves to digital. Adobe becomes important than ever. There are many jobs offered with Adobe certification. Graphic designer is one of the career paths that Adobe certification will help to achieve. The salary can range from $45,000- $90,000 per year.


This is digital marketing course will be a path for whom want to be come a marketing manager. This one of the most well paid certificate jobs out there. Certificate programmed for digital marketing, identity management, testing methods, and pricing tactics. Learn how your consumers can successfully craft a tailored post. The wage and range from $82,000-$130,000


Typical length of a job search: 16.9 weeks

According to a recent survey, hiring managers report that the quality they value least in a candidate is intelligence, the most is reliability.

Average time spent by recruiters looking at a resume: 5 to 7 seconds.

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