Maternity Self Care Certificate
Asynchronous Course


Postpartum care is important because new moms are at risk of serious and sometimes life-threatening health complications in the days and weeks after giving birth. Women and newborns require support and careful monitoring after birth.

Learn to do it right with our course that is designed based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

A perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.


Asynchronous Course

Program Access: 3 months

Program Type: Self-paced

Total Hours: 30 hours approx

Language: English


This online course was developed based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Course outline

Newborn Care
Cleaning & Disinfection of Neonatal Supplies
Prevention of Neonatal Diseases &Accidents
Swaddling, Diaper Changing &Bathing 
Care after Circumcision
Development & Trend of Breastfeeding
Breast Milk & all you need to know
Breastfeeding Guidance
Formula Feeding Guidance
Breast Care
Lactation Techniques Basics
History & twelfth-day reception
Basic Knowledge of Postpartum Care
Stages of Postpartum Care
Precaution for Postpartum Care
Postpartum Confinement Meal

ADmission requirements

No admission requirements 

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